We essentially have now completed all the fun parts of the road trip, and we were faced today with a long brutal day of driving.

We drove over 500 miles and 8 hours today, all but 60 miles of which was on Interstate 90. At the start of today we were at our eastern-most point of the journey; it took us 9 days to get this far inland but we’re going to get all the way back in just two!

Road grime

We had a compressed schedule for the whole trip; on previous journeys to Yellowstone we’d cover the same ground over two days (stopping in Butte), which allowed us to do extra things along the way like the Copper King Mansion, Silver Mountain, and Old Montana Prison. We opted to skip them so we wouldn’t arrive too late. Not really any other photos to share since I-90 is pretty damn boring the whole way and we didn’t do anything but stop for gas, food, and bathrooms.