Here is where we drove today.

Today was a mixed day. Bad: We spent a lot of time in the car which was boring. The rest stops were really far apart from each other. We drove through four thunderstorms.

But the good things: we got to see the Oregon Trail and run on it.

Watch for the lightning bolt behind me!

There were a a lot of drunk people out at night in Boise but the State Capitol was beautiful.

One Reply to “Day 2 Summary”

  1. There’s a lot of meat in one of those buffaloes! No wonder the settlers wanted to steal them.
    It sure doesn’t look like Washington state! Where are the trees? Where are the mountains?
    What are you having to eat? What are the local specialties? What have you had to eat that you have never tried before?
    You forgot! “Boring” is not a word you are allowed to use! You have a car full of animals and toys and books and CDs and videos — and you have a mind that is trying to remember what the new things are that you are seeing.

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