Dad took me to a mysterious place and all of a sudden they started talking about volcanoes and then I realized that we were by a volcano and it had lava tubes that have collapsed overtime and revealed a ice cave found by a 10-year-old kid. A guy blew up the front entrance to see inside because there’s only a tiny hole to fit in. Then another guy stupidly blew up the back end of the cave making all the ice melt so they have to fix it. They also found a bear in the cave who had been frozen over time with her two cubs but an employee stole the two cubs bones. Also one time part of the ceiling came down and fell into the ice pond but we had 50 feet of stone ceiling above us.

The lava tube that collapsed
Not in the cave yet
Ice pond
The part where the stupid guy blew up that they had fix

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  1. Ah! So you did get to go in the volcano. ( sorry, I’m catching up and reading the posts backwards!) was it cold in the ice cave ( as the name suggests?)

  2. This is an amazing place. To think that all of this was there and no-one knew for many years! It makes you wonder how many other places there are like this that we don’t know about!

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