We stayed in Jackson today, so no need for a new map. We’re staying right near the ski slopes, which in summer is used for ziplines, alpine sleds, and mountain bike trails.

Danika was pretty fearless and chose to do the adult course instead of the kid’s one. We given an introduction to the harnesses and safety systems, and then – to my surprise – were sent on the course without a guide. We were often 50 feet up in the air, but with their active continuous belay system it was impossible to detach yourself from a safety line until you were back on the ground.

Danika demonstrating her mastery of the safety system. The two carabiners are linked by a cable and only one can be released at a time.
One of about 12 ziplines that Danika did

Very proud of her; she made it through the whole course, only opting out of the “Black” sequence which was pretty brutal and deliberately designed to be as difficult as possible.

It took us four and a half hours to complete the course, and by the end of it our legs and arms were shaking. A couple of bruises and scrapes but I’m very proud of Danika for not giving up even though she was close to her limit.