We spent the whole day in Yellowstone today. There’s essentially no cellular service anywhere in the park so we logged a whole ton of photos but couldn’t upload any of them until we got back to our cabin late and exhausted.

It was a huge day of sightseeing where we tried to see as many thermal features and animals as we could. We managed to fit in: Firehole Canyon Drive, Fountain Flat Drive, Old Faithful (and a few dozen geysers on nearby trails), Yellowstone Lodge and Inn, Craig Pass, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Pumice Point, Black Sand Basin, and Biscuit Basin.

Compared the previous trips there seemed to be fewer animals; rather than entire herds of bison we saw three, plus a few families of elk, and – right as we were driving out of the park – three female moose. While the iPhone is very convenient and does a good overall job, it’s terrible a long shots so unfortunately the photos aren’t all that great. Traffic is also significantly worse; there were times I turned off the engine because we were just plain stuck on the main road.

Ice cream at Yellowstone Lodge, waiting for Old Faithful
The lobby of the Yellowstone Inn
Refreshments on the 2nd floorl
We were in the area long enough to catch Old Faithful a second time
Everyone cooperates taking pictures so all family members can be in the shot!
Last geyser before sunset
Three moose. I swear!
Waiting for a bison burger at The Slippery Otter